Knowing the world without leaving the door,
Without looking out the window, I see the sky.
The farther I go, the less I know.
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Flipping Window So As To See It Correctly

아마도 나는 자꾸 생각을 잡고 싶다. 모든지 잡아두고 싶다, 내 손안에. 순간 번쩍든 폰트모양도, 내가 좋아하는 여자의 마음도, 캐논프린터기서 나온 80그람 종이도 다 다 다 생각은 잡을 수 없고 잠깐 스치고 지나가서 쉽게 잊쳐지는데 그걸 자꾸만 기록하려고한다. 차라리 펜을 버리고 마이크를 잡자. 마이크를 잡고 키보드를 치자. 키보는 치면서 그녀의 시선을 잡자. 좋아하면 그것을 가지고 싶어한다. 근데 왜 꼭 가져야할까. 시윤이가 그랬다. 그냥 흘러가게 두라고. 그냥 흐르는 물처럼, 그게 더 아름다우니까 그러도록 두라고 했다. 그 당시는 그냥 그래 너가 맞다고 하고 지나갔지만 알수가 없었다. 나는 항상 가져야, 되는 거라고 생각해서 내것이 안되면 잃는 것이라고 느꼈다. 어떻게 함께하기 위해 소유할 수 없을까. 나는 이 감정을 흘러가게 두고 사람을 좋아하는 감정도 흘러가게 두면 사라질 것같아 두렵다. 그 사람이 내 곁을 떠날까봐 두렵다. 나는 두렵지만 두려운 와중에 사랑할거야.

she is so cute. SAY CHEESE... No! Nee, don’t say cheese. The phrase “say cheese” is an instruction used by photographers who want their subject to smile. By saying “cheese”, most people form their mouths into what appears to be a smile-like shape.” While saying it and smiling with your face, you will be captured by the others. the smile wasn’t yours in the first place as same as mine wasn’t. Because we are asked to make a laugh and the laugh is not from me. It is not only about the photo-taking moment. I am smiling for everyone who see me. Therefore, My time is stopped. I will never change endlessly laughing in that time. I’m afraid. Because I feel I am losing something from my heart in a way. so I started to go against it.
Let’s cover the “cheese”, I mean your own face, real feelings, not those faces from Apple, facebook or google. When we using face-emoji in social communication, you put a mask on your face with that emoji, representing emotion. It is truly sad. By selecting that archived flat face, we are losing our soul. The face-hunter of Unicode is collecting your face, and encouraging you to use his masks. To organise thousands of emojis, Unicode made s system to categorise it and there’s groups of emojis like face_positive, face_ Neutral, Face, negative. I am sad. The thing is, for this dichotomy of naming structure, we only can understand emoji between the two extreme parameter; the positive and negative. emoji is not like emoticon which is made with two glyphs two eye dots and one smiling mouth or something.
So as to hide my soul, I have to be true about my emotion. emoting what I feel at that moment not only laughing but often crying and being angry. Staying in unstable time, therefore I run away from the static system. My emotion is not always happy or sad. It will be undefinable usually. Since I’ve known that I cannot cry in communication, I decide it is time to break out. Like a crab, about 40cm long, takes off his amor to grow up. To build a new and bigger clothes, he or she off the previous one. Though it was a cosy and safe, it is truly the time I have to wake up. Mask off. So I break the tension and go back down to soft again. It’s weird that everytime a skin is peeled off, I get a lesson.
Mask off, and mask on. I jump away from the train to get to my destination. not using the masks on the screen, I started to collect own masks. sometimes be so emberressed that I cannot explain clearly about my feelings because this is mingling and vibrating. Every second, the feeling changes being mad but shy. Or I am nervous and cannot handle it then I scream, like this emoji ahhhh- Also, I need to write sentences to describe one feeling. that’s how I built these sub group called ‘Face_unidentified’ with describing real time feelings. Therefore, it is still vague but loud. undefinable it is but interesting to examine. so let’s mask on and cover the cheese.

As one of the mimicry, Beatboxing is a performance and skill that simulates and copy a drum machine using oral cavity and vocal cords. Through the voice, the performer replaces the original drum machine’s image and has a different sound than the drum machine. As a result, the beatbox itself has become a location(scene). In life, we are surrounded by us and surrounded by something made by each other. While communicating, I learn and awaken. First of all, I follow it by repeating the process. But in the end, in order to achieve one and build own art, I have to cut off the link from that learning. Will the noise be different or even sounds real when I simulate it with my voice? Through this workshop, we, each one will observe, study and replicate a single object, its sound. Perhaps it is possible to separate things and sounds through repetitive follow-ups. Noise can be said.

Humming and beatboxing is important skills to examine the value of typography to me. In order to communicate I speak sounds and that goes from my mouth. Typography is a part of communication and a part of my living to document what I feel and think. I start humming when I feel comfortable and be full about my emotion. So there’s no need to using langue for typing it and no appropriate lague for this melod-ish sound. But I again consider to think about typography with this unclear sound. Humming is usually by instinct with less intention and no plan of singing melody. To get a fine work of music, humming is a pre-cursor, or a sketch. So it is meant to be a un-ended sound. But there’s an initial spirit from the speaker. Not to spend time on transforming the original sound to another, I rather stay in the position. For this, there will be a method to keep it constant by documenting with typography.

|^ [- ( () /\/\ /\/\ [- /√ [) [- [)
|⁾ |_ /-\ \| |_ | /) –|–